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Kick-It 3v3 National Tour

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Former NBA Player and Boston Celtic, Kevin "The Big Ticket" Garnett, purchased the rights to Kick-It 3v3 Soccer and Hoop-It-Up 3v3 Basketball.   

Teams of 4 to 6 players can register for Summer Leagues and tournament @www.kickitsoccer.com.  Parents or older siblings (17+ years old) can coach.  Teams from different towns and/or different clubs can play on the same 3v3 team. Registration is painless.  

Kick-It 3v3 Tournament Dates & 7v7 Tournament Dates​

  • Kick-It 3v3 Summer League        - July 11th to August 15th.  Saturdays. Willington
  • Northeast Regional Tournament   - August 29th-   TBD
Techncial Benefits to Futsal and 3v3
  • Learn to receive the ball with the sole of the foot
  • Learn to dribble with the sole of the foot
  • Learn to quickly change direction with the sole of the foot
  • Learn to shield and protect the ball from 1 or more defenders
  • Learn to take the 1st touch away from pressuring defender(s)
  • Learn to beat defenders 1v1 using sole centric dribbling moves
  • Learn to beat defenders 1v2 using sole centric dribbling moves
  • Learn to pass accurately using all parts of the foot
  • Learn to pass with appropriate speed in different situations
  • Learn to strike the center of the ball with proper technique
  • Learn 25 ball mastery skills to practice at home


Tactical Benefits to Futsal and 3v3
  • Learn to play in all directions to maintain possession
  • Learn to involve the Goalkeeper
  • Learn to think 1 step ahead.  Learn to find options before receiving the ball
  • Learn to beat defenders using combination play
  • Learn to defend in pairs and in groups
  • Learn to attack in pairs and in groups
  • Learn to transition quickly from offense to defense and from defense to offense
  • Learn to relax in tight situations
  • Learn to move without the ball
  • Learn to support from the proper distance and the best angles
  • Learn to communicate relevant information
Physical Benefits to Futsal and 3v3
  • Increase strength
  • Increase speed
  • Improve fitness
  • Improve agility
  • Improve balance
  • Improve foot eye coordination
  • Improve timing
  • Improve muscle memory

Psychological Benefits to Futsal and 3v3


  • Improve confidence with the ball
  • Improve confidence in 1v1 attacking and defensive situations
  • The quick transition and frequent scoring chances inherent to the game creates ups and downs and lead changes throughout the game.  Teams can go from winning by 2 goals to losing by 2 goals in a hurry.  Players will learn to cope with the adversity of being ahead and being behind
  • Playing in tight spaces requires greater control and more concentration.  Players must develop better focus and more attention to detail
  • Players will learn to think faster and make quicker decisions in order to adjust to the faster speed of play